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Enriching your packaging designs

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Packaging designer

Amsterdam Metallized Products offer materials that will enable packaging designers to create a design that will stand out on the shelf. We can supply you with high gloss silver, gold and holographic (transfer) metallized enriched packaging designs that will create a luxury image and make a difference in the retail environment and paper and board laminated with metallized or transparent films that will increase the robustness and tear resistance of the packaging.


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Designers use our products as base material for designing packaging, because:

  • High gloss silver, gold and holographic patterns enriched packaging designs.
  • Metallized materials have the ability to create colour depth and luxury apprearance.
  • Packaging and labels enriched with our materials will help revitalize established brands.
  • It will encourage brand preference and increase the image/profile of the brand owner.
  • The possibility for all grades of paper, board and film to be metallized and laminated.
  • Our capability as an innovative partner who will invent new design materials.

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Experience it!

Would you like to experience how our packaging, labelling and publishing materials can enrich your designs? Feel free to contact us or request a free sample set. We can send you A4 samples that will inspire you to design new and unique packaging. We are keen to hear from you and assist you with creating designs that are original and make an impact on your brand owner.


Whisky tube wrap with high gloss golden effect