Brand owner

Brand preference and increased sales

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Brand owner

Amsterdam Metallized Products is an important partner for brand owners to increase the impact in the retail environment. With our enriched paper, board and film that are used as the base material for packaging, labels and publications brand owners will create a luxury image, stimulate brand preference and increase sales.

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Your benefits

Brand owners will gain the following benefits when using our material as the substrate for their packages, labels and publications:

  • High gloss packaging and labels which create shelf appeal and stimulate sales.
  • Brand preference and the image of the brand owner are increased.
  • The bright metallic appearance that is an ideal marketing tool to re-introduce brands.
  • Packaging and labels enriched with our materials will help revitalize established brands.
  • Valvac paper and board offer an environmentally friendly packaging solution.
  • Valvac products are weight-saving and will reduce individual pack weight.
  • Materials are developed with the consumer as the starting point.
  • Our inhouse design department can create mock-ups that show the benefits.
  • We are an innovative partner that establish long term personal relationships.

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Experience it yourself!

Would you like to experience our packaging, labelling and publishing materials? Feel free to contact us or request a sample set. We can also create a mock-up of your original packaging by applying it with our materials. The mock-up is ready within 2 weeks and will show you the benefits you will gain!


Label applied with bright metallic appearance