Partner with Amsterdam Metallized Products


We provide our transfer metallized products (Valvac range) and laminates to paper and board (Silvac range) with an ultra thin layer of film) all over the world. Our Valvac and Silvac products aIMG_4127re used as base material for packaging, labels and publications that require a luxury appearance or require a functional barrier. In some regions we work with agents to sell our products. Our partnership is based on shared commitment, diversity of products, innovation and approaching local markets in close cooperation.


Your benefits

Benefits that you will realize with partnering with us and selling our products are:

  • High gloss packaging and labels create shelf appeal and stimulate sales.
  • Glittering appearances are an ideal marketing tool for reintroduction product/brand.
  • All kinds of paper, board and film can be transfer metallized and laminated.
  • Excellent runnability of the materials (important for printers and converters).
  • Valvac offer an environmentally friendly packaging solution (optimized waste stream).
  • Excellently processable (printing, folding, gluing, die cutting, embossing and twisting).
  • Finishing after printing is unnecessary when using Valvac and Silvac grades.
  • Our extensive knowledge of printing and converting.
  • AMP is an innovate partner that establish long term personal relationships. 
  • Full support of AMP (R&D, sales, marketing, production and customer service).


Experience it yourself!

Do you see opportunities to sell our Valvac and Silvac products in your local market? Please feel free to contact us. You can also request a sample set to experience our products yourself. We would like to hear from you and are always keen to explore the possibilities for collaboration with local agents who share our values​​.


Cosmetics packaging printed on tranfer metallized board