You are?

Printer, converter, brand owner and designer

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The benefits you will realize

Amsterdam Metallized Products (AMP) serve a wide range of customers. They all experience benefits when choosing to work with us. Our enriched paper, board and filmic products are applied in packaging, labels and publishing industry.  We briefly list below some of the established benefits achieved by all aspects of the packaging and design chain.


Printer or converter

Printers and converters choose our products due to:

  • A one-stop-shopping concept for enriched packaging materials.
  • Our extensive knowledge of printing and converting.
  • Excellently processable products.
  • AMP is an innovative partner.
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Brand owner

Benefits for brand owners that use our materials are:

  • Create shelf appeal and stimulate sales.
  • Brand preference and image is increased.
  • Ideal marketing tool to re-introduce brands.
  • Environmentally friendly solutions available.
  • AMP is an innovative partner.
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Packaging designer

Designers use our products as base material for designing packaging, because:

  • Our patterns enrich packaging designs.
  • Create colour depth and luxury apprearance.
  • Ideal tool to re-introduce or enhance existing brands.
  • Encourage brand preference and increase image.
  • The possibility for all grades to be metallized and laminated.
  • AMP’s capability to invent new design materials.
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Experience it yourself!

Would you like to experience our packaging, labelling and publishing materials? Feel free to contact us or request a free sample set. We can also create a mock-up of your original packaging by applying it with our materials. The mock-up is ready within 2 weeks and will show you the benefits you will gain!


Packaging enriched with bright metallic appearance