Win the customer's attention

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Covers, magazines, advertisements and more

Competition in publishing is more and more about competing for the customer’s attention. With our publishing materials you can make the difference. Our publishing materials will help you stand out on the shelf, increase sales, create a luxury image and add robustness. For example by adding a high gloss effect or a thin layer of film.

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Unprecedented applications

The base material for the publications are paper and board and available in the transfer metallized Valvac range (without film present in the final product) and laminates in the Silvac range (laminated with a layer of ultra thin film). The applications are covers, magazines, advertisements, inserts, flyers, cards, brochures and catalogues.

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Experience it!

Would you like to know how our publishing materials can help you stand out on the shelf, create a luxury image or increase the robustness? Feel free to contact us or request a free sample set so you can experience our publishing materials yourself! We are keen to hear from and tell you all about the benefits our products will provide you with.