Special projects

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Special projects

Amsterdam Metallized Products is specialized in (transfer) metallizing, developing and applying special coatings and laminating of films and foils onto paper and board. We are involved in many special projects with brand owners where a high demand was placed on our R&D department to develop a new product with special properties.


Special projects within the packaging industry

  • Lamination where special effects can be applied to allow subsequently registered punching.
  • Lamination of 6-12 micron ultra thin aluminium foil to paper and board
  • Window lamination where a transparent film is applied to pre-punched sheets. This will provide you with a transparent window within the packaging which allows the content of the packaging to be visible.
  • The development of special finishes and coatings that can be applied to paper, board or films.
  • Applying special coatings to provide barrier characteristics to the packaging.


Applications outside the packaging industry

Our products and capabilities are mainly applied in the packaging industry, but on a regular basis we are requested to apply our products and capabilities in other industries. Below you will find examples of special projects we have been involved in the past:

  • Metallizing and laminating of films and foils that can be applied to insulation materials which are used in the construction industry. Metallized films contain outstanding insulation properties.
  • Metallizing of materials other than paper, board and films, for example fabrics, can in principle be metallized as long as they are supplier on a reel.


Get in touch with us!

Do you have a project in mind that does not match one of our standard products, please feel free to get in contact with us. We will investigate your request. Our R&D department has many years of experience and extensive knowledge that they would like to address to your special project.