Laminate paper & board

Bright appearance and increased robustness

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Our eye-catching laminate paper and board, where an ultra-thin polyester film is laminated to paper or board, are used by brand owners as the base material for the packaging of their luxury products. These include perfumes, cosmetics, DVDs, liquors, cigarettes, electronics, games, playing cards etc. Our laminate paper and board, referred to as Silvac, will offer you a marketing tool to make your packaging stand out on the shelf!


Brighter appearance and increased robustnessTANDPASTA COLGATE

Adding a ultra-thin layer of metallized or transparent film to paper or board will provide a brighter appearance and increase the robustness of the substrate. This will give your packaging a luxury and high quality image that will appeal to your target customers and generate a high shelf turnover.


Our laminate paper and board are available in:

  • Silver, gold and holographic and transparent finishes to give your packaging a luxury image and increase shelf appeal.
  • Silver polyester combined with a 3D Fresnel lens. With a Fresnel lens added to your packaging the ultimate shelf impact will be created.
  • Laminated aluminium foils and transparent films will add barrier properties which ensure that there is no migration of moisture. This property is used in freezer applications and other areas of food packaging.
  • Laminated biodegradable films that increase the robustness and enhance the appearance of your packaging, but not harm the environment.

despereux 430 x 430

The product’s features include:

  • ISEGA approved for direct food contact applications.
  • Increased tear resistance.
  • Holographic and lenses are print-registered.
  • Base material ranges from 30gsm paper to 700gsm board.
  • Capable of over-printing with various printing techniques.
  • Lamination is possible with coated, uncoated and recycled paper and board.
  • Shim less available.
  • Provided in reels and sheets.


Experience it!

Would you like to experience our laminates to paper and board? Feel free to contact us or request a free sample set. We are keen to hear from and tell you all about the benefits of our products will provide you with. We can also create a mock-up of your original packaging by applying it with our lamintes. The mock-up is ready within 2 weeks and will show the benefits you gain.


DVD Box applied with our laminate board