Other industries

Extensive market and global reach

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Unprecedented applications

The possibilities for application of our paper, board and film are unprecedented. From high gloss packaging and bright metallic labels from packaging applied with functional barriers to glittering gift wrap. The market for our products is extensive, the reach global. Tobacco, wine, beer and spirits, health, beauty and cosmetics, food and more. On this page you will find packaging for other industries.


Packaging for DVD’s, games and golf balls

IMG_0774IMG_0769 IMG_0831


Packaging for refresher, a luxury pen and oil can


IMG_0807IMG_0673 IMG_0927


Experience it!

Would you like to experience our packaging materials? Feel free to contact us or request a free sample set. We can also create a mock-up of your original packaging by applying our materials to your existing packaging. The mock-up is ready within 2 weeks and will show you the benefits you will gain!