Gift wrap

Make customers more satisfied with their present

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Environmentally friendly gift wrap with glitter effect

Would you like to make your gift wrap stand out? Than you should add a shiny metallized effect to it. Did you known that consumers that receive a present wrapped in a special/extra shiny packaging will be more satistied with the present inside? Our transfer metallized paper (Valvac) ranging from 50 to 120 g/m2 is also available in FSC® PEFC™ certified paper to provide you with environmetally sound gift wrap. The transfer metallized paper is perfectly processable: printing, folding, creasing, gluing, die cutting, embossing, twisting.

IMG_0878   Metallized GiftwrapIMG_0997b


Silver, gold or holographic patterns

We can offer you our base material for gift wrap paper with a silver, gold and holographic/diffraction pattern. A holographic/diffraction design will give the gift wrap a special glitter effect that will give the present an extra shiny look. We supply our materials to the major gift wrap printers in Europe. Please find below some examples of the holographic/diffraction patterns we can supply you with. We can always create your own design on request if you desire.

Galaxy Waves Cracked ice pillars of light


Experience it!

Would you like to experience our high gloss base materials for gift wrap? Feel free to contact us or request a free sample set. We are keen to hear from you and tell you all the benefits you will gain with our materials and make consumers very happy with their presents.