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At Amsterdam Metallized Products we regard it as our task to provide our partners in the industry with interesting content that we make available via white papers and case studies. We hope that you enjoy reading them and they will offer you new insights. If you would like to work together with us and maybe we can research an interesting topic in close cooperation please feel free to contact us. You can find all our published white paper and case studies below.


White papers


The process of transfer metallizing explained
Our first white paper is dedicated to the sophisticated process of transfer metallizing. It is not a subject that is elaborated on in many articles. You can read how the process is conducted, how you can use the materials and the benefits you will gain when appling them. We have written three versions, one for brand owners, one for converters & printers and one for designers as they all have different motivations to make use of transfer metallized products. Please download the appropriate version below:

Choosing between hot foiling or using a metallized substrateVan Gils Packaging
The second white paper that provides you with guidelines to choose between two technologies that add a high gloss appeal: hot foiling and using a metallized substrate. Which one of these techniques you use depends on the design of the packaging. This white paper provides you with guidelines to help you make the right decision in order to use materials efficiently and secure a fast printing pace and therefore save money.

White paper – choosing between hot foiling or using a metallized substrate

Transfer metallized board: the best solution for converting and printing high volume packagingIMG_0816
Are you converting or printing on high volumes packaging material that require a high gloss metallized appeal? Then you should
consider a transfer metallized board as the base material. It offers you several advantages over a substrate laminated with a metallized
film and will reduce costs. This white paper will show you the benefits you will gain with printing large volume of packaging that require a high gloss gold or silver effect.

White paper – transfer metallized board the best solution for printing and converting high volume packaging

Case studies_IB_7253v2

Metallic appearance utilised for toothpaste packaging
Our first case study is about the metallized effect applied in the toothpaste packaging industry. Please download it via the link below and read how many brands have used this effect to stand out on the shelf and what the prize differences are for packaging applied with a metallic effect compared to packaging without a metallic effect.

Case Study – Metallic appearance utilised for toothpaste packaging


Transfer Metallized Label paper contains wet-strength qualities
The second case study deals with the results of the ice-bucket test that we have performed on our Valvac transfer metallized paper label. Our tests have shown that our transfer metallized labels will stay on the bottles in proper shape after being in the ice-water for over 24 hours. Our transfer metallized 74g/m2 Crown Label paper was used in this test and proved to have similar qualities as wet strength label paper. With opening the link below you can download the case study and find all the details of the research.

Case study – Transfer metallized label paper contains wet-strenght qualities

Packaging with a metallized appeal bring in more sales
Branston baked beans Branston baked beans, the second largest baked beans brand in the United Kingdom used a transfer metallized high gloss label to bring in 4% more sales. In a high-volume segmented FMCG this is a very significant growth. Furthermore they used the high gloss appeal to attract the 30’s generation. Please read the case study how Branston baked beans increased sales in a high competitive market by clicking on the link below.

Case Study – Branston Baked Beans increase sales with high gloss metallic labels

Experience it yourself!

Would you like to experience our metallized packaging materials? Feel free to contact us or request a free sample set. We can also create a mock-up of your original packaging by applying our product to your existing packaging. The mock-up is ready within 2 weeks and will show you the benefits you will gain!