Transfer Metallizing

Environmentally sound enriched materials

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Transfer metallizing

Amsterdam Metallized Products is the inventor of transfer metallizing. Although we are also capable of supplying you with laminate paper and board we are considered as experts in the field of transfer metallizing. Transfer metallizing is a sophisticated process and therefore elaborated on at this page.


How does the process work?

First a thin layer of aluminium is applied to a coated carrier film. This is then laminated to paper, board or film. The carrier film is then removed leaving a glossy layer behind on the base material. Our transfer metallized paper, board and filmic products are internationally know by the name Valvac; a quality guarantee that you can use to distinguish your brand.

Process of transfer metallizing Process of transfer metallizing


Environmental benefits

With the sophisticated process of transfer metallizing, no PET film is left behind on the final product. This guarantees that paper and board substrates are completely recyclable and biodegradable. Heavier substrates can be qualified as mono-material. Therefore Valvac products are considered as environmentally sound compared to other available constructions.



  • High gloss silver, gold and various holographic or diffraction patterns.
  • Suitable for all kinds of paper, board and film.
  • Base materials 30 gsm paper to 700 gsm board, and a wide range of filmic products.
  • ISEGA certified for direct food contact applications.
  • Meets requirements of article 11 of EC Packaging Directive 94/61/EC.
  • Heavier substrates can be qualified within DSD regulations as mono materials.
  • Weight-saving (more packaging and labels per kilogram).
  • Transfer metallizing is possible on both uncoated and recycled paper and board.
  • FSC® PEFC™ certified paper and board can be supplied.
  • Transfer metallized paper and board are recyclable.
  • Outstanding lay-flat as a result of unaltered moisture levels.
  • Perfectly processable: printing, folding, gluing, die cutting, embossing & twisting.
  • Available in sheets and reels.


Experience it yourself!

Would you like to experience our high gloss transfer metallized materials? Feel free to contact us or request a free sample set. We can also create a mock-up of your original packaging by applying our transfer metallized base materials to your existing packaging. The mock-up is ready within 2 weeks and will show you the benefits you will gain!



Packaging printed on transfer metallized board