Mission & vision

Dedicated to packaging enrichment

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At Amsterdam Metallized Products we strongly believe in the fact that consumers will choose quicker for products with a special packaging. Consumers eventually decide to buy products with which they can identify themselves. Products that, when everything seems to be equal, make the difference with an attractive and persuasive packaging. Seduction because of the appeal.


Products with shelf appeal

Every day our people put effort in creating the basis for shelf appeal. Unique compositions for packaging, an extensive pallet of materials and designs, endless possibilities in composing the right recipe.


Amsterdam Metallized Products: quality and creativity

We feel responsibility for quality of products and for customer satisfaction. This strong belief is decisive for taking the initiative in conducting the total supply chain; from suppliers of base material to the brand owner. Our extensive knowledge and experience in the packaging market is translated in supporting our customers in their search for strong communicating pakaging concepts. From advise towards development and production, we enrich products and strengthen the believe, every day.


 “ Dedicated to packaging enrichment”


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